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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Unexpected Guest

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I went with my best friend to Florida to visit her Aunt Sylvia. Sylvia is a lot of fun. She lives in a condo in Boca Raton and out back there is a huge lake. I love reptiles so you can imagine my glee at seeing geckos and iguanas running wild in their natural habitat.

I felt glee but my friend's aunt does not share the glee.

So I took to hunting down photo ops of my green, scaly, unappreciated friends. By the lake, I saw what I took to be a statue of some sort in the lake for the amusement of the residents and visitors of the condos.

But the damn thing was moving with a certain purpose that I normally don't equate with the behavior of a statue. In fact, I don't equate movement at all with a statue. I moved back rather slowly from the lake as I saw what I now recognized as being an alligator.


I asked if animal control or someone had to be called and was told that the critter had to be six feet long before anyone would come and remove it. I don't know if it was six feet long or not. I couldn't ask it and I sure as well wasn't going over with Aunt Sylvia's measuring tape to find out.

I was quite spellbound by the thing and sat (a good distance away) to watch it sunbathe.

I felt safer looking at the iguana that walked past me.

Both species of prehistoric origins. One would have me for dinner and the other flees. Wanna guess which one did what?

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