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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Gadgets and geekiness - a swell combo

I love gadgets. I love computers.

These things (supposedly) simplify life and to a great extent they do. However, initially the draw in having PDAs, cell phones and wonderful computer capabilities was to be more productive so we could have more free time.

But people are still frantically busy. How many people actually ever eat at home more than once a week? If they are a family, how often do they eat togethr if both parents are professionals? It seems that the cell phone, PDA and computer trade-off isn't have more free time but the ability to do MORE. No no no.

I find that PDAs and certain computer functions are wonderful for me and how my brain works. I need variety in my life and I need a streamlined way to keep it all together. But I have learned to say "no" and take on more projects - not just because that would make too many but also because I would have no time for myself. During those times that I have and I need to jump start the creative juices, I have been known to play with PDAs and sort through the many consumer electronic magazines that I receive monthly to see what's new and what will streamline my current routine in being productive and organized. I love them all but I can't have them all not just because of money but because I would not know what to do with them all.

It's something like the hardware store. I love leisurely walking through one. I have no idea how to use half of the equipment in there (but my mother does) but some of the tools just look really neat and I'll even ask for a demonstration though I have no intention of buying it.

Now let me loose in a computer store or large stationary store (the best ones are in NYC) and you will not see me for two hours at least. But items in those stores I do know how to use but you can only have so many for any of it to be valuable.

I am looking for more work just so I can have more toys. Let's not even get into video games like Playstation. The first week I had the damn thing I was playing games 5 hours at a time. I stopped that, allowing myself time to play if I got something done with my writing or some other project. I award myself time for keeping to schedule. I have gone into the stores to buy the GameBoy Advance for the portable PSP and the clerk (about 17 years old) assumes I am buying it for my son. I don't have a son but I don't go into all that with the clerk. I tell him that the game and the system in question are for me. They are all mine. I share with no one.

Wanna play Doom 3? That game is graphic eater.

I have a dear friend named Cheryl D. who lives on Long Island, NY. When I go visit Cheryl, we go to gadget shops. We compare PDAs, computers and programs. We will sit online or in her living room looking at the magazines with new gadgets. We are single women who love men but would rather sit around and talk about what's new at Circle City or what is cool to work on the computer.

By the way, I am experimenting with all the gizmos that come with this blog to make it more interesting. from a visual standpoint. If you know any other sites that help bloggers (in addition to this one) that helps get them acclimated to using various visuals, please let me know.

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Cheryl (your friend) said...

Hey That's me!! We do love to play at the gadget store, don't we??? It's just sooooooo much fun!!!! But you know nancy what I've learned? No matter how many people tease me about my love of gadgets, when *they* get one...who do you think they call to help them learn it or fix it? Funny, they don't tease me at those times.