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Sunday, February 12, 2006

More of the Great Links! Here's Bruce Murphy!

I have never met Bruce in person but we've known each other online for about seven years. We met on a political discussion board started by the actor Carroll O'Connor in the late 1990s. Bruce is one of the smartest people I've ever met and very funny. Like me, he is a WHO fan and we share similar views on how the world works, or doesn't work. Do visit his site to completely experience Bruce (he will kill me for saying that).

Bruce, you will be happy to know that I am typing this at 4:30 a.m. while witnessing our arriving blizzard. Well, it's a transient blizzard. There are blizzard conditions for a half hour or so and then it reverts back a noreaster. I'm not sure of the difference but there is one. All I know is that I almost can't see my car anymore from the window. And in all this I thought of you. Am I a great friend or what?


Irishcoda said...

hey girlfriend, a blizzard is 3 hrs of sustained winds of 30mph or more. A nor'easter can have those strong winds but if they're not sustained for at least 3 hrs, it is "just" a nor'easter...

Nancy Kersey said...

Ah, thanks for that information! Saves me from having to find out for myself!


Bruce said...

I guess you won't be surprised when us Canucks up here smile when we see our Yankee friends deep in... snow. I always say the same things: they don't have winter tires there, and airports and cities are barely equiped to face the elements. Regarding tires, maybe you didn't know this but we have to keep 2 sets of tires here, and change them twice a year, spring and summer. Some keep their summer tires all year long (we also call them 4 season tires), but then these people live dangerously, if not on borrowed time. There's a huge difference when you drive on snow with winter tires: better grip, better control, etc. Even when it's a question of life and death, some will risk it in order to save a few bucks. Don't these people know how much costs a casket?

Sorry if all of you reading this knew about tires!

Smartest and very funny? let me ask you something: what keeps you awake at night, Brandy?!

Finally, snowstorms. We get them 5-6 times a year here. We have about 5 feet of snow around the house, and winter ain't over yet. And I still like watching snow fall... there's always something good about it when you're inside beside a fire and watching a good movie. I don't like shoveling though, so I pay this guy who comes with a snowblower and cleans up the driveway for me. It's worth the (only) 200$ a year.

Nancy, maybe some day you should write about why you like to saty up late so much. I sometimes see your posts on the COC forum and even if they're on Pacific time, I can see how late you post sometimes. I can only guess you like the peace and quiet.