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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Moving Forward

Today I returned from a two day trip to Canada to visit my actor friend John and introduce him to my friend, Bobbi, who is something of a Shakespeare scholar. The key reason for the two meeting is that John likes to record readings of Shakespeare and Bobbi was can be a sounding board for ideas on how to narrate on the subjects. Bobbi's knowledge of Shakespeare's work exceeds mine and for the sake of wanting to see the recording project get moving again, Bobbi was brought up for a meeting at John's house to talk about the project.

This was a good time to get away. John didn't understand why I didn't want to stay home to face the LO crisis but I told him life was not going to stop. I was glad to keep busy otherwise I just sit and worry. That is a pointless exercise.

LO disappeared for two days and then resurfaced, going back to the facility that he checked himself out of against medical advice only days before. He wants to move back into his old residence but that's not going to happen, and he's been told so. Unpleasant business all around but everyone involved is keeping busy and the support has been great.

The weather in Ontario was lovely yesterday though I spent most of the day indoors working on two projects with John and shooting the breeze in between working. I had the worst sangaria I've ever had at a local restaurant/watering hole we went to for lunch. That was disappointing as I was really in the mood for good sangaria.

The weekend promises to be good for getting stuff done around the house and I intend to do just that. Sunday I have an 8:30 a.m. crew call for a shoot. Oh joy.

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