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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Steadying the seasaw

I have finally come to accept that I will never do one thing at a time. Even if I was named the Artistic Director of a theater and given tons of money to do whatever I wanted, I would eventually tire of doing only that sort of work.

I recently took a long term temp job at DuPont as a legal records analyst. I love this job. I arrive very early in the day (something I have not done anywhere else) and start the detective work involved in defining and extrapolating information from trademark, patent, copyright, corporate, confidentiality and a host of other sorts of agreements. I have a window overlooking a well landscaped courtyard, beautiful cubicle and basically I'm left alone to do my work.

When I leave this job, I go home to veg or take a meeting on whatever production I am involved with at the time. At other times I am experimenting with website software to develop a few websites. I do some freelance video production work. The good thing about this temp job is that I can take time off to do other things when I get an assignment to teach from one of the arts organizations I'm registered with. I can do a day shoot. I can teach at numerous colleges and universities in the area in the evening program.

If DuPont wanted to hire me (that would be benefits) I would take it under the proviso that I could take time off unpaid without it being a problem. If I want to audition and get a role for a show, I would need to take time off or change my hours to accomodate the rehearsal.

I feel very good about how things are panning out. My luck has been pretty shitty since October of 2001.

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