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Sunday, April 23, 2006

What Kind of Perks, you ask?

I received a few emails from pals wanting to know more about "perks" that I loved working in the darkly glamorous celebrity world.

I could get "house seats" to any show in town and at concerts which meant that I still had to pay for the seats but was guaranteed they would be excellent seats. I frequently would be offered backstage passes if I wanted them but I didn't care about those. Unfortunately, I could not gift backstage paseses to friends.

I also got FREE tickets to sport events, concerts and the theater and if I could not use them or wasn't interested, I was usually allowed to give them to someone else.

In working with celebrities and rich entertainment lawyers I received the spoils of unwanted extras, gifts and the like. They would be offered to me and if I didn't want it or find use for it, I would give it to very appreciative friends. What would I keep for myself?

A few of my favorite things:

Caviar. Can't believe there are people who don't like this stuff as I can eat it nonstop with blini or by itself. Beluga is my favorite but I like almost any of it.

Bed linens and bathrobes made of 1000 thread count. My roommate loved it when I brought home sets of the bed linens because then she could have a set too.

Down comforters. Really good down comforters. How many can one have which is how I wound up with a few from gift recipients wondering this very thing.

Egyptian towels. Can't go back to itchy scratchy towels. Besides, the good towels truly last for years and years.

Really nice bath salts and gels. Because of my sensitive skin, I normally buy quality bath products. Getting the higher priced stuff was definitively still fun as a gift.

Unfortunately, the celebrities and lawyers I worked with were not gifted with computers, PDAs and the like because they usually didn't work with them personally. So I got left out in the cold on that score.

I've tried not to be bitter. However, anyone wishing to buy me high end PDAs, an 8.0 pixel camera or laptop may still do so. I'll spring for postage.

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Cheryl said...

Hey my friend...when you get an over abundence of laptops, PDA's and high end cameras from all the gift horses out there in TV land, remember what friend of yours shares your love of those things. :-D