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Monday, May 29, 2006

ADDing things up

A bit of progress to report for those dying to know: I am now able to receive ADHD medicine for free. It took some doing but I managed to get it. It's difficult to explain to people how crippling ADHD can be. I also hesitate to discuss with people because ADHD is now one of those catch-phrases for ANYONE who has trouble focusing on mundane tasks. I have trouble reading numbers. You don't even want to know how much trouble that has caused me in basic check book maintenance. Beyond funny. I am hoping this medication will help change certain things in my world.

This past long holiday weekend I spent time reading and writing and not much else except for my bizarre attachment to the videogame CALL OF DUTY 2. I suppose that would be appropriate given the Memorial Day weekend.

The book I'm reading is one that I didn't expect to be a page turner for me but it was. I love biographies and this one is about movie director John Ford. This director had a real obsession abuot being Irish (his parents were from Ireland) and some sort of emotional upheaval based on the Irish famine which occurred well before his birth but affected his ancestors. I dunno - sounds a little whacked out to me but there you are. The book delves into the professional and private life of the legendary director in just the right proportion for a biography. I dislike bios of actors, directors or any artist that dissects to the inth detail every single work. That sort of detailed review belongs in a book strictly about one's life work. This bio by McBride balances researching the neurotic director's life and intersecting that with a basic overview of his major work. And he writes well. One reason I love reading bios is that along the way you find out about other books written by those in the field that the author references. Many times I was not even aware such a book existed.

I generally keep two books going. The other one that I am almost finished is Ann Rice's The Vampire Lestat which I never read before. I was so intrigued with her more recent novel Blackwood Form that I decided to go back and read the chronicles of Lestat de Lioncourt in the proper order.

I never have trouble focusing/concentrating on reading a good story!


Will McKinley said...

You are lucky that the ADHD doesn't prevent you from enjoying reading a book.

The only time I can focus on a reading a book is when I'm on a train or a plane or some place where there is aabsolutely nothing else I could be doing.

Even then, I rarely remember the book after I've finished it.

But anyway...what happened to your picture??

RebJam said...

Glad you were able to navigate the mind numbing bureaucracy . .(oh wait that's my line of business)! cheers!


Nancy Kersey said...

Will, I'm having some technical difficulties with my photo. Hope to resolve it soon.

thanks for the comment too.