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Monday, May 15, 2006

Cruise-ing X

Finally checking in after being computer-less for a few days. I took my mother and a friend up to Niagara On the Lake, Ontario for the Mother's Day weekend. We lucked out with the weather. It was supposed to pour all weekend but it didn't. We had some afternoon showers on Saturday but that was it. Friday was beautiful all day.

I do love Canada. If I were not living in this country I could live there or in Ireland. Those are the two countries I like most outside of the U.S.

Mr. Bush is due to give a speech tonight. It will be without me. The very sound of his voice annoys me out of my skin. And that's simply not a pretty sight.

Speaking of annoying - I have gone from liking Tom Cruise movies to hating the very sight of him. Everywhere you look whether watching TV or simply standing in the line at the grocery store he is SMILING at you from every angle. I don't think I'll ever watch another Cruise movie. His publicist needs to get a grip or tell TC to get a freaking grip. He is annoying the shit out of everyone.

I suspect that most people read the entertainment tabloids for the same reason I do - entertainment. It's amusing. I don't believe three-quarters of what I read but it's fun to read anyway. The purpose is to amuse, isn't it? But how many times do you read the headlines about Ben and Jen, Tom and Katie, Brad and baby and say WHO CARES???!!! Probably as many times as I do.

The temp job I had came to an abrupt end. I'm rather sick about it since now I'm broke at a really bad time. I loved that job too. However, I already have interviews lined up for other potential positions, one of them tomorrow afternoon. I like the temp thing as you get paid every week and the pay is pretty good. But I really need for this to come through quickly.

No matter what the creativity continues to flow and for that I am grateful.

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~Jackie~ said...

I hate those tabloids mags!! Can't believe anyone would believe any of that garbage. The photos are nice to look at but it seems no one in those mags have any privacy. Just because they entertain us on the screen doesn't give us the right to peek into their bedrooms or follow them to the shopping mall. Whose life is it anyway? I know it's entertainment to many but I hope people don't take it seriously.

btw, sorry to hear about your job. Now THAT's important to know more than what TC thinks about child birth. When HE gives birth, then I'll listen to him!!! ;)