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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Here's to another year of craziness to come

I really enjoyed my birthday on June 13th. It is a tradition among friends and family to have a weeklong birthday celebration at the very least. I wound up not going to the beach on the day of my birthday but instead spent the day hanging around and doing little fun stuff here and there. For dinner, I fried chicken in my cast iron skillet and Mom bought two dozen crabs for us to consume, including my cousin Ian who was staying with us while attending a conference in Baltimore. I know - what a fascinating birthday!

But I liked it.

My brother Chris bought me a nice portable CD player that came with software enabling me to put 480 songs on a single CD. I haven't gotten around to getting an Ipod, believe it or not but that will probably be a purchase in the near future. Ma bought me a beautiful pants suit by one of my favorite designers - Evan Piccone. I love it.

My cat Gizmo accorded me the respect I was due when I came out of my bedroom to rest on the couch the day of my birthday. See below. I captured the moment.

Yum. Nothing like a fat toe for breakfast to start the day!

The presentations for potential teaching positions have gone well. I am still filling out yet more applications from local colleges for the upcoming fall and winter sessions.

Much to my surprise, the interview at the law firm pleased my interviewers and they decided to invite me back a third time to meet an attorney whom I would be assisting with his projects. This sort of work pays scads the money and right now that is the attraction. I will eventually be teaching full time obviously but for right now I need to rake in the dough to make up for the lack of long employment for this past year. When the teaching work calls I'll be there. I have also been invited to teach in the evenings and that might be how I start out with the schools who are interested in me.

Meanwhile, my own writing goes on. The Strattera that I was given by the doctor to stabilize the mood and treat ADHD has made a difference. It takes time for the medication to have a noticeable effect and now in my third week of the stuff I do notice the ability to focus on things I detest doing. My short term memory is a little better but not all that it could be.

I have to sign off and go buy a new fat toe to replace the one Gizmo ate.


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