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Friday, June 23, 2006


I've lived in several states in my lifetime and there are only two that I think of as being "home." The first is my native Delaware, of course, and the second is New York City. I lived in NYC for sixteen years. The economic climate changed to make it harder for people like me who like to invest in developing and staging new work/new voices and partly for that reason I decided to leave. However, usually I have been able to get up and visit once every six weeks or so but due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, I have not been able to get up to NYC for quite a long time.

I've missed many events involving friends celebrating special occasions, doing shows and just going up to hang up out with people and checking out my favorite haunts. The legendary midtown Manhattan bar and restaurant Barrymore's shuttered to make way for expansion much to my dismay. I spent many many hours in that place enjoying the company of friends or fellow actors and playwrights for drinks after a show. Lots of good times to be had there.

So I'm wallowing in homesickness for my friends in NYC. I feel out of the loopbecause I have missed a lot of important events in their lives. They have been very understanding about my situation but still, that doesn't make up for not being there.

A stream of job interviews has yielded nothing but waiting right now. I'm doing a three day job next week which is welcome news and I hope there is more of it coming soon.

Oh, before I forget yet again, take a listen to my friend the comic Will McKinley's funny story about how he was done wrong by his girlfriend. Click here to listen!


John P said...

I recently moved to NYC and while I barely know the city, I can certainly understand why you love it so much. It's really a great town and it inspires me everyday.

Will McKinley said...

Thanks for the linky dink!