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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The World's Watch Dog?

The U.S. needs to stop assigning itself the role of the world's watch dog, especially when it is so in the most inequitable way.

We rushed in to get rid of Saddam Hussein under the premise that (a) he had weapons of mass destruction and (b) he was a dictator and mass murderer. So are the people in China we deal with on a regular basis. We ignore the daily torture of women in third world countries whose gentialia is routinely mutiliated as part of some nutty cultural bias about women experiencing pleasure during sex.

It's hard for me to decide how I feel about being asked to donate supplies and money to the needs of people around the globe, especially children, when many elderly in the U.S. still need to choose between eating or paying for their prescription drugs and too many children go to bed hungry and without adequate medical care. We can't even get the public education system right in this country.

Our devotion to Israel has cost us good relations with the Arab nations. We meddle where we should not and yet wonder why so many people in the world hate America. While it is difficult to be a nation with values and not have enemies, our choices about the extent of involvement and financial contribution need to be re-evaluated.

That will not happen with this president who is the worst in recent memory.

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