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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Run, Hillary, Run

I would support Hillary Rodham Clinton if she ran for the Presidency. I hope she does.

I don't think many people believe in every single platform their candidate of choice has but I believe enough in this candidate to support her run for the presidency. Common sense has long been lacking, especially with this president, and unlike her husband, I do think Hillary knows what is appropriate and what is not appropriate conduct in the office.

I don't understand the claim that if Hillary ran and lost it would somehow "tarnish" her husband's presidential legacy, as if getting a blow job from an intern and being caught has already done that.

Hillary can run, lose the presidential race, and run for the Senate again. What is there to lose, really?


John P said...

I think you are right, there's not really that much to lose here. If she loses, it's on her, and probably doesn't reflect on him. On the other hand, if she wins, it's a total vindication for the Clintons - hence, she must run, and if she wins, they gain.

Bruce said...

The hell with that legacy stuff. John P posted a great link on that and Hillary's run for office on the COC forum. What about HER legacy? She'll run, she has to, and Bill will help and try not to steal the spotlight, perhaps by campaigning and raising funds away from his wife, most of the time.