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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Skimming the Bay

This past Saturday, August 5th, I visited my "oldest" friend meaning the friend I've known the longest - since junior high school, in fact. Lauren has a grown son and a 16 year old daughter in addition to a great husband who has a magnificent boat. Lauren and I had not seen each other in about eight years but have been in contact consistently. When we got together finally this past Saturday at her river-side home in Maryland, near Annapolis, we resolved to not let time pass again before we saw each other.

On this occasion we spent most of the day on the water, enjoying a lovely boat powered by a motor and Bob's (Lauren's hubby) steely driving. They had this huge floating device called Big Mable that is on a rope and dragged behind the boat. The idea is something like water skiiing only you sit or lie back on Big Mable while the boat pulls you along. Bob got up to 30 miles per hour with me and another friend, Jennifer, loudly enjoying ourselves with the spray in our face and enjoying the speed. I fell off once when Big Mable hit a wake but I figured out the trick to avoid that next time and, indeed, I did not fall off again in spite of some rough riding on wakes and sharp curves Bob was taking around the river.

This river is called the West River and is a tributary to the Chesapeake Bay. It is beautiful country that Lauren and Bob live in.

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, my mother was working as a volunteer for the Antique Road Show taping in the City of Brotherly Love. She was so excited about being a volunteer, along with several of her friends, and though it was a wonderful experience for all, they gained an appreciation for what production work is really like. They were on their feet for the better part of 11 hours directing people to the proper line for their item to be appraised, collecting tickets, carrying things here and there and other production-oriented tasks. Most people are simply not aware of what all goes into producing a single episode of any kind of show and while each show and the needs/requirements vary, there is one common element: it can be hard and tiring work especially if you are not used to it.

Mom's feet and legs are screaming in silent protest still as of this writing but she is glad to have had the experience of working on one of her favorite programs. She was able to have two items appraised: a civil war sword which, unblemished, would have netted $4,000 but in its current condition would auction for around $500. The other was a pendant from my paternal grandfather valued at $45.00.

So no air appearances for Mom at least not as someone owning a valuable and rare antique item - at least not this time. She has plenty of other antiques that are valuable.

Back to the visit with Lauren and the day on the boat, followed by eating crabs; just a wonderful day. I had warned her that she would be surprised to see that I had gained weight due to the medication I had been taking up until about four months ago. She was surprised but not too much: at least no one through a net over me or threw a spear at me while I was in the river.

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