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Monday, August 14, 2006

Time to Talk about My addiction

Here it is. I kid you not.

Can't beat the addiction of this simple, high sugar, high calorie drink. I cannot imagine what those with more life threatening addictions go through trying to quit!

THIS and the meds of the past few years have piled on the pounds. I was very embarrassed last weekend at the beach when someone threw a net over me. But now I am on a regular medication that will not slow down my metabolism, perhaps I can go down the scale.

Funny - friends have laughed at me for years because at restaurants I will order an appetizer as my main meal. I can't eat those big meals, especially when I was living in New York. I gain my weight through sugar.

Sugar is my enemy. Coca cola is its soldier. (I know, ugh, how dramatic)

1 comment:

Heather said...

I love ya no matter how little you weigh or not, Nancy... ;)
And as far as the soda addiction (or pop, as we say in da 'burgh...) - believe it or not, I used to drink pop like water. Now I drink water like water...
But I am still hopelessly enamored by all things chocolate...sigh. ;)