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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Strength training and hamster dancing

After spending considerable time with strength training, today I realized I had dropped a dress size. I feel great.

So great, in fact, it makes me want to do a duck impression.

Now, I see this and realize . . . I need to do something about my eyebrows or the lack thereof. I used to get them dyed to match my hair but the dying process and resulting odors makes my eyes burn. I am thinking of ordering a pencil stick that will match my hair from
website. I got one a long time ago that was great. The trick was to apply it in such a way that I did not resemble Mrs. Danvers from the film Rebecca.

Anyway, I have asked Mort the Hamster for some advice on keeping in shape. He showed up on a our patio some months ago. He listens to me most intensely, see?

He loves me no matter what is going on with my eyebrows.

How many people are lucky enough to say the same?

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