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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dems The Breaks - Cowboys on the Way Out

It's absolutely delicious.

Finally, finally enough people have let it sink in that our current presidential administration has lied to us about the reasons we went into Iraq. Baby Bush wanted to finish what Daddy could not. Well-respected military leaders have faulted the war. We went into Iraq with no other plan but to ride horses with both pistols drawn shooting at hellish figures.

No doubt Saddam Hussein is a hellish figure. If he were the only evil existence I would have less problem with taking him down but our government does business on a daily basis with countries whose leaders are no better. But we don't invade their country. It is not in our best interest to do so.

It is, however, our best interest to set up shop in the great oil fields. Oil is there. Weapons of mass destruction are not there YET that is supposedly why we went into Iraq in the first place.

But then the denseness of Bush should surprise no one. This is a man governing the great state of Texas and allowing record-setting number of executions. Texas remains one of the states with a very high murder rate so obviously the idea of deterring people from murder hasn't worked. Punishment? Revenge? Okay. Be honest about it at least. Punishment and revenge is what drives this president. There were scores to settle from the Gulf War.

The bottom line is that our government cannot find a 6 foot Osma bin Laden, on kidney dialysis (how many electric sockets can there be in Afghanastan?) and covered with a sheet.

Invading a country perceived to be connected with bin Laden and run by evil people is the next best step and keeps people from asking questions unless they want to be branded as a traitor for asking questions.

We are still in Iraq and there is not one shred of evidence weapons of mass destruction are anywhere in that country.

What did our men and women die for?

A legacy in the making? A legacy to be hoped for? What??

It's clear that Americans are fed up with the cowboys and want to send them packing. They are an embarrassment.


Anonymous said...

Our uncle is turning in his grave...

Nancy Kersey said...

A little turning never hurt anyone.;)