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Friday, December 22, 2006

Almost Bought The Farm Last Night

Love that saying which means almost died.

As luck would have it last night, I was on my way home with a friend around 1 a.m. My friend's car conked out at the light of a major intersection. This intersection is also known as the most dangerous one in the state. I kid you not. I am not creating this fact for the sake of drama. More people are killed and injured in this intersection than anywhere else in the state.

And so there we were. It appeared that the gas gauge was not reading accurately because it did not read empty yet we figured out we must have run out of gas. I called my brother, Chris, asking him to come with a full gasoline can. He obliged.

While waiting for Chris to arrive, I was looking in the rearview mirror. There was not much traffic at all. I had the blinkers on so anyone approaching from behind would see that the car was having a problem and not moving.

However, some asshole suddenly came barreling down the road behind us. I saw the fast approach in the rear view mirror and thought at that moment that my time had come. 'DEAR GOD NO!" I gasped waiting for the impact. But the driver of the car swerved at the very last minute just an inch, I swear, from the back of my car and careened out of control into the fortunately empty intersection, spinning around once. Once he/she/it regained control of the car it sped off.

Meanwhile, we tried to get our respective hearts beating again. If that car had hit us from behind, especially at that speed, the empty gas tank would have exploded.

I have no fear of dying at all but I don't want to anytime soon, especially in a fiery car wreck. It was not my time and/or someone was watching out for me and my friend last night.

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Irishcoda said...

OMG I am so glad that you & your friend weren't hurt, how awful & scary!!!!