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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Movin' and Groovin'

I have been remiss in my blogging.

Curt's sudden death sent me reeling and frankly it's almost all that I have thought about. I have discovered more information about what happened and heard from a lot of people and the outcome of all that was to be more upset. Oh well.

I have been packing and preparing to move into my new place - a townhouse about five miles from where I live now. In two days we will be gone. The new place has much more space but only a spit of a yard. However, I have ways and means in which to make that patch of land into something rather glorious and after unpacking and painting, will attend to that chore.

My teaching has gone well. I have been asked if I am interested in teaching during the summer and fall. Bring it on. Class was cancelled on Saturday because of the horrid weather. It was a repeat of the Valentine's Day weather. The sleet and snow made a normally 30 minute trip home into almost three hours. The only thing you can do when driving in this crap is drive very, very slowly and hope everyone else around you is doing the same. They don't, of course, hence the 90 some accidents this county alone had in a three hour span. We are not talking about a big county.

Much to do, much to do so I am off resuming the packing, bagging and pushing of furniture. I will reward myself with homemade crabcakes (mine) this evening for dinner.


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Anonymous said...

And just what time *is* dinner, by the way?? TomCat