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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bigger Is Better

I don't know the square footage of my rented townhouse but I know this - it's the largest living space I've been in yet, and I've had a large apartment before. The beautiful part about all this is I have three floors worth of large living space.

Apart from the obvious benefits of having so much room there is a feng shui angle: less is more. I've obtained some valuable organizational tips regarding paper and books which is critical for me. ADHD people need to have "their stuff" right there in front of them for fear it will get lost or forgotten about. Now I resort to turning paper in PDFs and keep items catalogued on CDs. I know where things are and it's not on the floor, or part of a huge file of other paper dating back to 1997.

One interesting aspect of the move is that I have started to lose weight. I have been trying to eat better and exercise regularly for quite some time now but this additional weight loss I attribute to not having so much clutter around me and lots of space. There is something to the Feng Shui business. I can feel the difference between sitting in a room that is disorganized and too "busy" and being in a space where things are put away, organized and the area clear. The whole energy vibe attribution I used to think was so much nonsense does indeed have a basis in fact.

I'm loving it.

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