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Friday, June 15, 2007

The 49ers or Happy Birthday to Me!

June 13th was my natal anniversary. In spite of the overcast day, I had a good time and prepared to party for the rest of the month in celebration of my birthday. I turned 49.

I share my birthday with poet William Butler Yeats, a favorite of mine.

Two fascinating observations (to me, anyway): I've actually become almost domesticated. Never in a million years did I ever believe I would be thrilled to pieces to receive a really cool blender with a fantastic food processor attachment. For years and years growing up I haunted bookshops, stationery and hardware stores and now I find myself looking for and spending too much time in "kitchen" stores. I know what cheesecloth is. I even know how to use it. I make quiches and experiment with tarts - dessert and meal types. They even taste good.

I also learned that 50 is no longer the cut-off point to adopt a child. It is for some countries and agencies in the U.S. but not all. That came as a relief to me. However, I also know that if I decide to get married, I will probably go through the adoption process, have the child and then get pregnant. That's not a terrible thing, mind you, but it would be a challenge.

If nothing else, I have found a groove that's quite comfortable. I know that I can't do one thing day in and day out no matter what it is and how much I love it. My creative writing has never been better and I am more productive now than I have been in the past ten years. I'm applying for grants and scholarships all over the place. If nothing works out, nothing works out. My work is still there waiting to be done.

I think for my 50th I will have my big party in New York. That's where most of my friends still live and having a blowout up there would be fantastic though I would probably keep the count down to a minimum. I don't want to spend the entire time catching up with people I haven't seen or talked to in awhile.

So here's to another grand year! I'm rather looking forward to turning 50.

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