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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Women, Guns and my cousin Diane

If you do not see an image above but do see a red X in the upper left hand corner, click on that X to see the photo.

The above is my married-in-the-family-cousin Diane, my blood cousin Tom's wife. (You followed all that, didn't you?) Tom and Diane have extensively studied the martial arts and also tactical weapon training. They are passionate about these pursuits and it has brought them much joy and friendship over the years. Diane made the "cover" of the most recent issue of the magazine Women And Guns. Isn't she purty?

Diane was with her mother-in-law Joan and my mother in the White House on the morning of 9/11 taking the grand tour. They were hustled out immediately upon the completion of the tour and once outside, saw the smoke coming from the Pentagon and what they later learned were members of a swat team fanning out on the roof of the White House. As they approached the street, cars had pulled over to the side, opened their doors so the radio could be heard. It was there they learned of the attacks in New York and Washington.

Needless to say, there was some concern about how to get out of Washington the quickest. Joan and Diane were visiting from the west coast (Washington state) and Mom had driven them down from Delaware the day before to visit D.C. Mom had parked in a parking lot earlier in the day and they had shuttled in to a train and then made the journey to the White House. While on the train heading towards the shuttle area, a woman who had just gotten off her cell phone, told them her ex-husband was coming to get her and that they would see Mom, Joan and Diane got to their car and would lead them out of D.C. the fastest way possible. This was a big help, of course. Mom was worried about me in New York though she knew I was well away from the collapsed Twin Towers. Nobody knew where these screwballs were going to strike again.

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