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Friday, July 13, 2007


The first DVD that I have ever produced is days away from being shipped off to the production company where the duplicating and packaging will take place. I've been lucky in having a good friend as a consultant on the project in legal terms and creative input. We are going to have 500 copies made for what we are terming a "trial run" in August at an event where our featured actor on the DVD will be making a very rare appearance. He will also perform.

I've been scattered all over the place and the core reason for that is that I have done nothing to get my physical house in order. We moved in back in March and since that move, we have been preoccupied with numerous pressing matters professionally and personally. The boxes have remained unpacked. It's ridiculous. The energy to focus on the mundane task of putting things away and organizing the place hasn't been there for me. Usually, my housemate Kay gets up the gumption to jump in and make things work but she's had her own physical issues. It appears she will have to get a knee replacement. This knee has been the bane of her existence now for over a year, making any long periods of standing or walking painful and impossible.

On June 12th, Kay was driving back to work from lunch and was struck head-on by another car who blew a light to make a turn in front of her. Kay went to the hospital, had tests done, nothing broken but she jammed her arms, shoulders and hands against the steering wheel with such force that her muscles still hurt a month later. She is in physical therapy. She's also in pain much of the time. The meds Kay was given make her drowsy so she can only take them when she is not at work. All of this and other small fires have created the sense of scatteredness I feel right now.

One thing is for sure: nothing else can go on until after this weekend and I have sorted out all the boxes, set up my home office properly, my bedroom and those things that keep me somewhat sane.

I was told that the end of June I would be able to go full-time at this current position. I'm still waiting for that final okay. The part-time salary isn't doing much for my situation.

I don't expect to able to retire from the production and sale of these DVDs I am in the process of producing.

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