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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Hard Act to Follow: The talents of Rebecca Jamison

Actually, Rebecca (a/k/a RJ) wrote a book about the veteran actress, Grayson Hall, entitled "A Hard Act to Follow" but you might as well be talking about RJ. What a character. What amazes me about RJ is that she is very right brained (makes a living as an EPA inspector) but can shift gears into the left brained area quite easily. She undertook this massive research project about an actress who was known in the theater and all areas of showbusiness but not a house hold name except for the five years as a vampire's therapist on the classic TV show Dark Shadows. I'm simplifing that on-screen relationship here. RJ is every bit as big as life as the actress that consumed her creative attention for several years, culiminating in this wonderful book available at

RJ and I bonded over too many bottles of sangaria in New York at a mexican eatery on West 17th Street several years ago and have remained buddies ever since. You should check out her website and order her book. You will love it even if you are not a Grayson Hall in particular: there are great stories told about the theater world and showbiz in general.

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