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Monday, November 19, 2007

Golden Days and Nights

Next to the Spring, Fall is my favorite season.

Here on the mid-Atlantic coast, the early days of Fall seemed to be lousy as the trees didn't have the usual color changes. I drove up to Canada in October for a meeting at Frid's house and enjoyed the upstate New York foilage, believing that was all of the visual Fall joy I would see.

Not so!

In our area, the trees have not only turned into glorious colors late in the season, the leaves are still on the trees! It's been quite glorious. While running errands over the weekend I was able to enjoy the foilage colors just on local streets, never mind driving down Route 40 or Route 13 and looking at the clumps of trees on the either side of the road.

My favorite scent in the Fall is the smell of burning wood in fireplaces. I had lovely fires in my wood burning fireplace all week and this weekend was no exception. I sat and worked on business and writing while seated near the fireplace enjoying the warmth and subtle smells.

I'm gearing up for the next few months which are full of projects to be completed and others reviewed with others and then completed, not to mention getting the house in shape for the holidays and taking on more and more responsibility at the law firm job. It appears I will get the full-time status between now and the new year.

I still am thinking about starting up my own acting an playwrighting "school" in the evenings. I have to do some more thinking on that.

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