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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Simplify and thus multiply!

I'm working through a short biography of Ben Franklin and not for the love of American history either. At least that is not the purpose for this read. Franklin founded and created umpteen different entities during his life (I don't mean just illegit children) and his ability for high productivity was the result of organizing his daily life in such a way he spent time on several different projects. The Franklin method of organization is nothing more than having a Day Runner, blocking in time to do what you need to get done and then sticking with it. The "sticking with it" is the critical component that gets dropped, of course.

Creatively, I've never felt so good about the various projects I am working on. A delightful result of getting Jonathan (Frid) to let one of his reader's theater performances be put on DVD is that he wants to do more only, this time, fresh readings. I didn't expect that outcome. He needs to work on his voice since it has been out of shape for a good many years. That will come with the daily diligent rehearsals Jonathan will do in preparation for the reading.

In addition to this, I have in the works proposals for several new CD titles representing the audio of Jonathan's reader's theater. I will be editing together the material for the proposed CDs and having Jonathan approve it or make other suggestions, or even do a new reading. So much to do. Fortunately, I have learned how to make the 40 minute SEPTA train commute to and from work beneficial. I have put together all the ideas for the pieces to use, the pieces to ask Jonathan to consider recording and the artwork to ask my favorite artist, Sherlock, to do. She designed the cover for the first DVD which was released in August. The sale of this DVD has been better than I expected. However, I do have to warn people that this DVD was taken from a video shot in 1992 and also on a video camera left unmanned; the recording was only for Jonathan's purpose so he could watch himself afterwards and make any "directing" notes for himself. Visually, it's not art.

About every six weeks we (meaning the team behind these DVD/CD projects) get together at Jonathan's place for a day or weekend long meeting. The last meeting took place in October and the leaves were a brilliant color. The photo you see up top was taken in JF's yard under his prized tree.

From left to right: Bobbi, Mark (webmaster), me, JF, and Athur (not Arthur).


Lugosi said...

The History Channel had a good program on Franklin about a year ago. Try to catch it if they ever air it again.

Heather said...

I love that photo. I still say you all look adorable together... ;-)

---Heather H.