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Friday, December 07, 2007

To make shopping for me easier . .

I have posted the Amazon button that will take you to my 9 page wish list. Some expensive stuff, some not. But as you love me I know you will do the very best that you can!

My Wish List


Lugosi said...

That's a great toothbrush. I got it last summer.

Aside from that, you have entirely too many books on your wish list. It's unnatural to read that much.

Lugosi said...

Couple of tips:
At least on my browser, the wish list button at the top of the page is partially obscured by a frozen whale.... Er, I mean by the NavBar. If you insert a couple of (br/) immediately in front of the code, it should lower the button enough to where it is fully visible. That forces a line break).

Also, clicking on the wish list takes people away from your site. If you want the link to open in a new page, insert _target"_blank" into the code so it looks like (a href=""_target"_blank"). Make sure it's the link itself and not the image part of the code.

Finally, the parentheses in the above codes should be replaced with the appropriate <> symbols. I had to substitute in order to get your comment box to accept the comment.

My apologies if you already knew this.