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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How Embarrassingly Dumb Some People Are

I'm all for free speech. If you don't like something, you can speak out about it. That doesn't save you from being dumb about your viewpoint.

We are seeing some progress in our society - exciting progress. It appears that we very well may have a black man for president, a woman for vice-president and states are starting to grant the right to marriage for gay couples.

California recently stepped up to the plate and the protestors came out in force, seeking to make it known that a great sin is being committed.

If you don't like blacks, think women incapable of holding a high office or that gays are a sinful lot and should not be allowed any rights in our society, that's fine. You're an idiot, but that's fine. You have the right to be an idiot and make it obvious to the entire world.

But our judicial system doesn't and shouldn't legislate morality since so many of us have a different view of what proper morality is.

I am a Christian and practice my faith the very best that I can. I don't believe homosexuality is a sin. Jesus doesn't mention it in the New Testament. The Old Testament served its purpose in telling about the impending arrival of the Messiah. Jesus did not preach hate. Jesus did not march protesting those he disagreed with; he did not throw stones at them, he did not call them names.

It's nothing short of shameful to witness supposed Christians bellyaching about the "sanctity of marriage" when you do not see these same people pickiting outside the apartments and houses in neighborhoods of those couples who are not married. You do not see them protesting against those who eat shellfish (it says in the Old Testatement you shouldn't do that) and many other things from the same Old Testament verses which speaks out against same sex sexual activity. Why pick one thing to get their knickers in a bind over? Why pick this ONE thing?

If you can find love and happiness with someone of the same sex, good for you. You can have a family if you want. If you find love and happiness with someone of the opposite sex, good for you too. You can have a family if you want. That's basically why most people get married: for legal reasons especially when it comes to having children. Of course some people get married with no intention of having children but the marriage cements certain legal rights and such status as to receive benefits along with your spouse from one or the other's employment.

What possible business is it of anyone's what two people do in their bed? What business is it what they do with each other if it is consensual? How they choose to structure their lives? They are not breaking any laws of the land and in a diverse society, we can't even agree with what is Christian law as some rely heavily on the Old Testament whereas others look to the New Testament for guidance.

These protestors have the right to object but a big part of me want to go and bitchslap them. I am a Christian and I believe there is only one judge in our faith and the protestors ain't it.


Irishcoda said...

My view of God is not the angry vindictive one of the Old Testament but the loving father image of the New Testament. And I didn't remember anywhere in there that Jesus said love your neighbor as you love yourself except if your neighbor is gay. But the bigotry runs deep. I remember about 10 years ago, the Presbyterian church was in an uproar over whether or not to allow gay pastors. Our church was for it and we had a written report that was submitted but there were too many who were against it and so it died. We had so many members of the church who wanted to "come out" but were hesitant because of the official church stance. I haven't been in a church for years so I don't know if all that changed. I'm glad to see what California is doing. I think a person's actions are what counts, not what happens in the privacy of the bedroom. Now I'm beginning to wander in a circle so I'll stop.

David Alex Nahmod said...

Nancy, you are everything a true Christian should be!

Kudos to you!

David N