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Friday, September 26, 2008

Where is the other shoe?

Our household is anxiously awaiting the settlement Kay will be getting from the insurance company. Though it is, obviously, Kay's money, funds will go towards getting a new car, paying off loans incurred when we had almost no income, and put our household into the shape we want it. Kay and I have always shared household expenses and established the kind of trust whereby we do not keep count who has put how much when into the single household account. While sharing a home, I usually have been the one who made the most money and consequently put more money into the household account we share.

Now we are champing at the bit for the settlement. We are at the "any day now" stage of the settlement being finalized. There was a significant delay a few weeks ago due to the fact the hurricane damage in the south was monopolizing insurance agents' time and energies. That is not the case now. So we wait. I have a feeling it will be the middle or end of October before the money is in Kay's hands. Once the attorney has the money, there is time to pay other expenses the firm incurred, take their percentage and holding the money in escrow for a period of time. I think that is six weeks.

I will be so glad when all this is over. It's been hell.

I'm working on my website which will assist me greatly in getting work. I can't wait until I finish that project!

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