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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All Things Considered . . .

I am still waiting for that other shoe to drop. Things have been going well for me though my thoughts and prayers are with friends, one of whom is in a coma. Life support was removed yesterday but this lady keeps on ticking. She's a fighter. She's a wonderful lady though the odds are not in her favor for recovery: there is too much brain damage. Her partner in all things, including craziness, is holding up well under the circumstances. Of course, the reality of all this has not quite hit her full in the face. It all sucks.

The stress of this year (and the one before it) has wreaked havoc on my health. I know - bitch bitch bitch.

Things could be much worse. At least now I have a real honest to goodness health insurance card for the first time in years. My other health issues are being taken care of slowly but surely.

I've had far more fun with Facebook than I ever imagined. I re-connected with several old friends and I've enjoyed the reunion if only via keyboard. I cannot plan much beyond a week from now the way things stand.

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