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Monday, January 05, 2009

Moving Along, singing a song . .

If you have experienced about seven years worth of bad luck, it should be expected that a sudden good thing would be viewed with some trepidation. I landed an extremely well-paying job kicking off in grand style in December and hovering bills of pending doom have been paid off. The next project is paying off personal loans that have accrued over the past several years.

To top it off, the candidate that I voted for won the presidential election this year. This was the most exciting election this country has seen in decades. One friend of mine cautioned that Obama didn't have the experience regarding war. She couldn't really tell me where President Bush's so-called war experience showed itself during his tenure or that of any of his other supposedly "experienced" advisors. This country has faced its worst financial crisis in half a century and the war in Iraq is a frankenstein. Thank you, Mr. Bush.

It was nothing short of a miracle that I landed this job when I did considering the environment. I definitely count my blessings.

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