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Thursday, February 12, 2009

I want what I want

So it would seem for the woman bearing eight new children to add to her existing collection of six.

And, no, she can't afford it. She can hardly afford herself and the brood she has.

But her solution to all that was to have more children. Now she has 14.

She loves kids, is the excuse.

She wants what she wants no matter what. Her supposed love of children makes me gag.

Let's pretend for a moment that this mother can indeed financially support 14 children. How much quality time can this mother hope to spend with each child each day? Not much.

But this woman wanted the kids because she loves kids.

I do not have children but I have enough exposure to those who do to know how expensive clothing a child can be and what a typical child wants growing up. There are the toys, the media games, sneakers - all the things children want to have to be like the other kids and because they enjoy playing games on their DS Nintendo, Playstation, Wii - whatever it is. How do you do that with 14 children? Even a parent who is conservative about how many toys his or her child has would be hard pressed buying a mininum of stuff for their 14 kids.

The kids are going to want the basic things children want and not get it or get the item second or third hand if at all. This is a deliberate choice by the mother. She has consigned her children to getting only miminal one-on-one time with their parent and to receive second and third hand items and be denied the pricier toys outright.

What a selfish, selfish woman.


Irishcoda said...

Not only that, but several of the kids are disabled...which requires more attention and dedication on the part of a parent. It would be hard enough if such a parent had 2 kids, never mind 14! I feel sorry for all those kids.

Anonymous said...

In the words of Ted Nugent:
"If you can't feed 'em,
Don't breed 'em."

Pithy. But to the point.

Cheryl Podolsky said...

She's like a crazy cat lady, except she chose the wrong species to collect.

I have two children. I'm in a stable relationship, have been financially fortunate (well, to a point, anyway, these days), and I could possibly handle one more at best...but prefer not to test that out.

That woman is certifiably insane.