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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ignorant Redneck Alert . . .

While I am glad to see a discussion on torture and not using it as a "fishing expedition" on a prisoner, I would like to see more talk on devising a policy on the use of torture to retrieve vital information from a prisoner who does indeed have life-or-death information on matters of national security.

Condoning the use of torture for a fishing expedition on any prisoner is talk of ignorant rednecks. We've seen what having that type in charge of the government for the past decade has cost us.

My view is that is a prisoner is known to have information that could save American lives, that prisoner can avoid being tortured by giving up that information. It is our right to know that information. An example of this was a recent episode of "24" where Jack Bauer was prevented from torturing a prisoner who admitted to having key information which would lead to the deaths of Americans. My view is the prisoner should be pressed for that information. The length and intensity of the torture is something the prisoner brings upon himself.

If things were only that simple in life.

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