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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Checking in

I know there are people particularly interested in my blogging about working with Jonathan Frid.  I will be finishing up and posting the entries over the course of the next few days to complete what I care to share, as it were.  Thanks for your interest.  

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Anonymous said...

Nancy, my name is Kristine and I just posted my first comment to your site. I, too, have been mourning deeply, and I appreciate that you are covering so many aspects of your common experience with John Frid in a balanced way. I, too, used writing as a form of therapy, making my own 'visitor's corner' out of a notebook, so my thoughts had somewhere to go! Before his passing, and other than his visitor's corner, I left no comments anywhere, until it was necessary to be amongst sympathetic souls in the devastating moments after the news of his passing. I felt robbed of his (for me) newly discovered presence and hearing the stories of others who had met him and admired him, was so helpful. Dark Shadows is a great show. I hope he did not feel that it was the wrong career move to make, but I recognize that we were very lucky that he did make it. He was the perfect master of Collinwood, the perfect embodiment of the ancestor upon which to anchor the grand mystery of the Collins family. No HE is NOT Barnabas Collins; but in terms of creating a great character, it seems he SHOULD have had a very gratifying sense of accomplishment, in my opinion. I could tell when his nerves got the better of him in a show, and I know exactly what you mean when you felt from him a certain heroism. To push on under pressure is courageous. The stage was his natural habitat so to speak. (I don't know much about these identity things, so I just chose Anonymous. For me this takes getting used to.)