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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jonathan Frid and the Hudson Valley

As I write this, much of Jonathan Frid's personal property is being auctioned off at a Dark Shadows event.  This is good for fans who will have an opportunity to obtain something that belonged to JF.  The ultimate purpose of the auction is to donate the proceeds to the Hamilton Community Foundation, a charity he donated to for all of his adult life.  He even has a special fund called the John H. Frid Fund.  JF didn't grow up wanting for anything and his parents made sure their children followed them into community service to help those less fortunate.  JF was always very simple in his tastes.  He didn't buy a lot of nice clothes, furniture and other items for himself; he would buy the best items and then have them sometimes for decades.  This included clothes.  He took care of his belongings.  They were in good shape no matter how old they were.

This weekend's event is taking place up in Tarrytown, New York.  That area and all of the Hudson Valley was a favorite destination of mine as well as JF's.  Once we both realized this, it was not uncommon for him to call me (or I call him) and say "Wanna go on a road trip up Route 9?"  Sometimes my friend Kay would come with us.  These excursions did not have ultimate destination except to stop wherever we felt like, find some interesting restaurants and find out of the way small villages.  What made JF a perfect travelling companion is that he didn't feel the need to talk to fill in any silences.  I am the same way.  When driving out on the open road looking at the sky and the sights, constant chatter can take away from that experience.

Here is a clip from a 1990 performance in Tarrytown, New York of Jonathan performing "The Ghost" in the Old Dutch Church for a fundraiser.

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