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Thursday, April 18, 2013

How is Writing Lonely?

One of the biggest frustrations in writing is that I would love to blog about the dilemmas I have in writing a particular scene but I fear my ideas will get hijacked by someone else.  Fortunately, in trying to figure out a staging technique for more difficult scenes, I can always get help by shouting out about the issue.

I read over and over that writing is "lonely," requiring long periods of solitude while fleshing out an idea, fine-tuning a plot and working on dialogue.  I have never found writing to be a lonely occupation or vocation.  I find I am always surrounded by characters talking (or trying to talk) to each other, striving to get their needs met and in doing so, I get into their heads and in that sense, play them as I write.  I am in the evolving story as a character and as a writer looking to create a little magic, some understanding and a stimulating plot that unfolds.  How is this a formula for being lonely? I'm exhausted by the end of a writing sessions physically and emotionally.  It's as if I have been to a party.


Linda Dachtyl said...

I can't relate to writing plays, but I can concerning music. It is a very solitary thing, but I think it needs to be. I don't find the solitary part of it lonely at all, either.

As far as others hijacking ideas, I don't worry about it, but I don't reveal too much of it when in the process as there are others who would suggest too many things before the idea is even fleshed out. I need to have an idea completed before I feel like opening it to suggestion or criticism. One of those "too many cooks" kinds of things when in the creative process, IMO. After the idea is completed and presented, then I want the suggestions, but not before.

Linda Dachtyl said...

Hi Nancy, I'm not sure if my first comment went through due to a log in problem.

I find writing solitary, but not necessarily lonely. I can't relate at all to writing plays, only music.

For me an idea has to be fleshed out in it's entirety before I allow suggestions of others to influence a work in any way as that gets in the way of the creative process for me. At the time of "completion" (first draft), I'm open to suggestions to weigh for improvements.

I find I really have to have respect for "the critic" to make edits as it seems some people do like to offer suggestions without having any idea where you are coming from concerning something that is just a personal creative work.

I don't think it's a good idea to reveal too much until you have a stamp on that envelope addressed to the Library of Congress, LOL. Maybe not even then.