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Thursday, May 02, 2013


Last night I was watching a documentary about the "golden era" of gangster films with my friend Kay.  Periodically when a particular actor was being highlighted, I would tell Kay something about the actor's personal life that most people would not know or something related to a film I thought was being overlooked.  Kay has suffered through this tendency of mine for as long as we have watched movies and documentaries together.  She said "Why don't you share these things with people on your blog? You know so much about all these actors."

It was an Ah ha! moment.

My blog had been floundering.  I have been looking for some sense of purpose in blogging other than using it as a writing prompt for my own work.  I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner and I am glad it was pointed out to me that there was certainly an outlet for all the trivia and "Did you know" stuff I have in my head about actors in films from the days of silent films to present.  Another friend of mine, the late Craig Hamrick, had encouraged me to do something with all this knowledge and for whatever reason I did not at the time.  I wasn't even blogging then.

I hereby christen thee blog to a new lease on life.

The movies and documentaries that I watch, the actors they pertain to, will find another venue in this forum as I talk about what fascinates me about them and the actors who inspire the medium.  An example of a fun story to share with people came from director Mervyn LeRoy whose film LITTLE CAESAR (1931) made a star of Edward G. Robinson.  LeRoy said that he had a tough time getting Robinson to shoot the gun without closing his eyes when the gun went off.  The crew even tried using tape to keep Robinson's eyes open, to prevent him from squinting (he was also turning his head away from the pistol when the shot went off).  Robinson had zero experience with firearms and was not a thug in real life.  Anything but, in fact.  LeRoy spent a day and a half with Robinson before he could get the actor to shoot the pistol without turning his head away and closing his eyes.

Those are the kinds of stories I love to find out about a film and actor.

In high school, I discovered the biography and autobiography.  I would go through the school and public libraries borrowing biographies and autobiographies on just about anybody.  It didn't matter what they did.  Sure, I leaned towards my interests in the performing arts but I had an interest in reading life stories about individuals, how they grew up, the obstacles they faced, how they got to where they did and how their life impact others.  I could not get enough (and still can't) of books and documentaries that talk about the "Making of" of any kind of production.  I love the bonus material on DVDs about how a film was made.  If there is a book out there on the behind-the-scenes work of a play, television, film or radio production, I have probably read it or have it on my to-read list.  From this kind of material and all the memoirs I have read, there is enough material to brighten this blog up and hopefully intrigue readers.

Stay tuned!


Jennifer said...

I do this a lot too. My friends say I've got a download connection from IMDB to my brain. :-) I look forward to your tidbits. :-)

femmeflashpoint said...

Reading this made my day! Thank you!

I'm thrilled you'll be continuing with your blog. I've loved every entry I've read so far, and have no doubt the new course you're plotting will be equally as interesting.