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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ageless Stupidity - Going for BROKE


It's so hysterical - the reaction to this movie.

Usually by people who admit they have not seen it.

Some of the more conservative areas of the country refuse to show it but I know they damn well do show movies where couples who are not married have sex, cheat on their spouses and murder is committed and glorified.

But there seems to be a thing about homosexuals that gives these people a mental hard-on.

I saw BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN with my brother. Even if my brother was not gay, I would have gone to see it with or without him. I was very curious about it because it was touted as being an exceptional film. My brother thought the movie was too long and a bit of a snoozer in spots (and I agree) though otherwise a well-made flick. The editors fell asleep on this one. A half hour could have been trimmed out of it.

Anyone going to see this film (or refusing to see it) because they think there is lots of same-sex sex in it are flat out wrong in their expectation. There are strong hints of sexual activity taking place I think three times in the film but nothing overly explicit. There's a hell of a lot less sex in it than the James Bond movies or other films I've seen that don't create such a hoopla. The knee-jerk reaction to homosexuality in our culture is a sad commentary on just how ingracious stupidity is.

Ignorance is simply not understanding the difference. Stupidity is willful ignorance.

And there is an epidemic of stupidity afoot.

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