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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Work papers

I spent a great deal of yesterday filling out applications for artist-in-residence programs in the tri-state area, across the country and also creating a resume as a production coordinator for corporate video producers in the area. If you have read any of this blog, you will already understand why I need to have some variety in my work. The freelance work does pay well when you get into that network. I have had to start all over again in many respects since moving out of New York City. Unlike what the myth propogates, there are many talented and skilled people who live outside of New York City who manage to create quite the wonderful niche for themselves without ever having to venture into the Big Apple.

But for someone who has been involved with some 400 stage, video and film productions there are ample opportunities. I have done teaching already since my move and thoroughly enjoyed that. I hope that my website will bring in more work as a source of an on-line resume.

I am not working a full-time job at the moment and I wouldn't have the time to pursue the above if I were. It's a lot of work, research, writing and studying to be done. It takes time.

This blog has been a surprising source of pleasure, especially since it was created for one purpose in mind: to write something every single day (or to the best I can every day).

A friend of mine asked if I was going to commit any salacious aspects of my private life to my blog. Well, even if I had anything particularly salacious to report, I wouldn't. I know it is very common in blogs to talk about one's private life and the people in it. This I won't do. I will mention friends here and there, those I know don't mind being mentioned, but using this as a tool to work out personal problems or situations isn't gonna happen.

All of the angst and issues will be worked out in my fiction - a combination of editing in other people's lives, my life and all to the point where people, other than those who know me well, will not know which is part of my life history or someone else's or made up entirely. I'm not giving all that valuable material away in a blog.

Instead, this blog will serve as part of the writing process and journey and talk about my work. The feedback has been marvelous both what has been posted here and sent to me via email.

Fortunately, the only real pressing issue I have to deal with right now is how to get a certain pussy cat off my lap so that I can work.

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Annie Ruth said...

nancy, you are my hero.

I am being serious.

I've been a 9-to-5 wage slave for all of my adult life, in social work.

so I just reached a 'significant milestone' birthday (you know what I mean: one in which you realize that you have already probably lived more years than you have left to live...), and also am starting to realize that my work is no longer as interesting or fulfilling as it once was.

But, I am waaaay too cowardly to strike out on my own. Also? I've been doing the same work for so long that I don't know what I'd even want to do if not for this.

And the thought of giving up the structure and security of the life insurance/dental insurance/retirement plan?


I HATE that I am so conventional

is this what they call 'a mid-life crisis'?

anyway, Nancy, you rock! at the end of our lives, you will have all these memories of great experiences, and I'll be clutching my 401K.....

: (