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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Light glisterning off the Bay

When I woke up Saturday morning, I simply had to go OUT. Not just to the mall (where I detest shopping) or go out for breakfast but for a drive. In my family, it is nothing to decide out of the blue to go for a two hour ride, have lunch or dinner, then turn around and go home. Wake up and go to Atlantic City (a 90 minute drive), walk around, play some slots, have lunch and go home.

But this past Saturday morning there was more to it than just wanting to go for a drive somewhere.

I find that I have many opportunities in the entertainment field even outside of NYC that pay well and I am a little overwhelmed by it. I didn't realize all of these existed until recently. I have learned to not make a rash decision. I also know that I can have a variety of work in the areas of my experience. But you don't wanna cut the candle wick too close either.

So when I got up Saturday morning, my decision was to take a drive to the Chesapeake Bay, have lunch at a favorite seafood place right on the water, and just take in the loveliness of the sunlight glistening off the water. It wasn't very cold either so I could walk along the pier and even on the cobblestone streets of Chestertown, this celebrated town near the bay. I was able to put together in my mind the various scenarios of what to pursue and how. I spent the summer teaching acting and TV Studio production and that was rewarding. But there is much more to do and pursue. Nothing makes things clearer for me than time spent being by the water. I decided to try my luck at fishing and after about 15 minutes this is what I caught.

Alas, as luck would have it, my car was too small to bring it home. Cute, isn't he? He sure liked my bait!!


SuperAmanda said...

Great photo1 Welcome to TBWHM, you'll see there are gazillion cohorts here.:)

Irishcoda said...

Yikes, you caught the creature from Surface...or one of the aliens from Invasion! :) That's cool to go daytripping like that.

Sometimes I go to to see what kind of templates the kids have come up with. You can add podcasts and radio stations and all kinds of cool stuff but I don't know how yet.