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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Critical Musings and Cousins

I thought I would introduce these two links at the same time because their interests are so similar. They don't know each other. Critical Musings is the creation of my friend Michelle who is incredibly funny, talented and smart. Besides all that, she is a great friend. She's a little on the shy side so I will let her fabulous website speak for itself. All I know is that the one time both of us were Atlanta, we saw this used book store and nearly climbed over each other to get into it. This made her a fellow soul for life in my book. No pun intended. The used book store was fabulous and I came away with a bio on James Joyce that I had not been able to find for a decent price. I think I came away with about four other books too. Thank heaven I had left the credit card home on that trip.

Ian Walls is my cousin's son, now earning his Masters in, I think, library science. I know he is working as a reference librarian in Rhode Island. Ian is in his very early twenties but when he visits (or we visit him) there is great fun. I love the photo taken of Ian featured on his site. He is from Washington State and they get more rain than snow. So the snowalls in New England really enthrall him. Of course, New England is an enthralling part of the country with or without snow in my opinion.

We have had a pretty lousy winter in terms of snow. As in no snow. Yes, I am bitter. I want snow. I hate being teased by the recent spring-like weather where I have worn short sleeves outside to run errands. I want the season to be the season it is supposed to be. The changing seasons are one reason why I decided to not live in California and pursue film and TV work.

Snow damn it! Snow!


Irishcoda said...

our next hope for the white stuff is next week...I hope.

Annie Ruth said...

see, normally I would totally agree with you. Being a native New Englander I'm all about the Currier & Ives wintry scenes.

But this year I've felt like the spring-y weather has been a special treat just for me.....having a new puppy who has to go outside at all hours, I've been very psyched about not *FREEZING* when I'm outside at 3AM in my PJs.

so, let it snow.....NOT! at least not until my dog's bladder grows bigger than the size of a lima bean....