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Friday, February 03, 2006

Intro to the Links! Who Is that Man Lugosi?

Musings and Mirth - I don't know this person at all. I don't even remember how I find his blog about two years ago, but I love reading it and the fact "Lugosi" makes me laugh out loud with his political and social observations. The photos he includes on the site are wonderful. I only know that he is about 50 years old, presumably single, and lives in the Washington D.C./Maryland area. I have no idea if he is a fan of Bela Lugosi or a relative - and I don't really care. His blog is amusing.

Since I don't have much to say about that particular "link" on my page, I will share a hysterical story with you. I'm sure at one point or another you've experienced where you are in a store and you and another shopper see something odd at the same time. You acknowledge it to each other either by rolling eyes or a grimace, maybe even a laugh. I still remember the time I was in Borders around Christmas time and the music piped in throughout the store was the Charlie Brown Christmas Special theme song. I walked back and forth in the isles along with other shoppers and we found ourselves starting to do that little dance you see Lucy, Linus, PigPen and the rest do on the stage while Charlie Brown is trying to get the Christmas play organized. Nobody said anything - we all just started to do the Charlie Brown Christmas dance in an abbreviated way.

I had a similar experience recently at the grocery store. I was in the isle where all the kitchen and bath cleaning products are. There were four other women there. Suddenly, we all stopped and looked at the same object that was being promoted by the store on a special shelf:

We were all a little stunned because we were definitely all thinking the same thing in terms of what this "thing" appeared to be. As it was obviously a gadget of some sort, I proceeded to explore and boldly took the thing in my hand. It was a Dawn product. The blue button you see is pressed and then the spikey things on top function as a strong bristle brush (ouch!) that rotates when the blue button is pressed and when applied to a dirty pan or dish that has stubborn food particles stuck on it, viola!, the brush scrubs it clean!

You can even put the dirty brush in your dishwasher and clean it!

Is this a great world or what?

(and shame on you for thinking what you were thinking when you first saw the photo!)

1 comment:

Annie Ruth said...

I personally love the cleaning products aisle. seriously.

they just came out with a new scented liquid for my Swiffer mop, and I was all over it.

Kind of adds a little sparkle to the chore of grocery shopping, when you find a new cleaning product....

(I hope I don't have to turn in my feminism membership card for saying that......sisterhood is powerful! as are a number of currently available cleaning products...)

so this gadget which you portray, can you put dishwashing liquid into it, in such a way as it dispenses dishwashing liquid as the brush spins? because that would be awesome.

or does it just function as an automated brush? (still awesome, but to a much lesser degree)