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Friday, February 03, 2006

Introducing The Links! Will McKinley

I want to introduce the people whom I have linked from this blog. Some are shyer than others so how much detail I provide is going to depend on that as I go down the list.

The first is a guy I originally knew as Billy, a sixteen year old writer who was very interested in TV and Video Production. I don't say "aspiring writer" because Billy already had cable TV writing credits. When I moved to New York in 1986, I met Billy who was a part of a newly formed production company called Clunes Associates. The purpose of the company was to create and promote Reader's Theater one-man show programs for actor Jonathan Frid. Remember my writing earlier about having friends who are much younger and older than myself? Billy was the first to be ten years younger. However, in spite of the age difference, he became one of my closest friends and we shared the same kind of wry humor. He was hilarious and fun to be around. I thought if Bugs Bunny ever took human form, he would be Billy.

When Billy went to college he wanted to be called Will which was a good thing. He had a very youthful face and being called "Billy" on top of it would not be advantageous especially when he was doing internships and trying to get people - clients and potential clients - to take him seriously.

At any rate, as it often happens, we lost touch and recently I found out he was doing stand-up and had a website/blog. I saw there was much talk about his now bald head. Well, he didn't always have that skinhead look.

The young Will McKinley hard at work

This photo of Will was taken about fifteen or twenty years ago on the set of an informercial he was doing. I like the profile. If you want to see Will in all his glory now, visit his blog. If enough people like this photo of Will McKinley with hair, I might be talked into making copies for the right price.


Will McKinley said...

hair is wasted on the young

Bruce said...

Maybe you could show us a picture of Will's collection of hats.

Missy said...

Great Pic of Will. as I seem to remember, though, you too have downsized a bit on the "do" since the day. Ah! Memories. Maybe we could get Will to post some of those. Like Sean Connery, time has blessed you both!

Nancy Kersey said...

Hi Missy!

Yes, I did downsize the "do"! I was tired of people mistaking me for Don King!

Thank you for the compliment! I do love Sean Connery!