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Friday, February 24, 2006

Meet the Links! Marie Wallace!

Whew! I'm glad to have time to post again! It's been a crazy few days (good crazy). I was asked to assist my former professor of TV Studio Production to brainstorm with her in the editing room on how to develop the trailer for the indie movie she is completing. When you have been the writer and director of a film, it's hard to step back and create a trailer. That process requires a very simple, basic approach to the story whereas the writer/director lives with the nuances with such an intense degree it can be very difficult to step back and make a simple, enticing statement which is what you need for a 30 second movie trailer. I was preoccupied with that and helping the friend of a New York producer hunt for suitable space in Philadelphia to bring down a neat show for two weeks in the fall and three weeks in the spring. Finding a suitable theater rental in center city able and willing to accomodate split weeks has been very time consuming. Most of the time is consumed in getting people to call you back or email you especially if they are not interested or able to accomodate the request. So I have to hunt them down via ph0ne. No one escapes The Kersey. No one.

So back to the links on my blog page. Marie Wallace is a lady I met via mutual actor friend. I was familiar with her from her television work. She has had great a grand career on the stage too which she shares in a recently published memoir. Marie is also an accomplished photographer and as someone who has purchased her art, believe me, you will get a lot of compliments on it if you have a work of hers hanging up in your home or office.

Marie is one of those friends you just pick up with where you left off when you see her. She is a genuinely nice and funny lady who strives to see the positive everywhere she can. I encourage you to check out her website, her memoir and her photography by clicking here Marie Wallace.

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