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Monday, February 20, 2006

Intro to the "Links" - Cassie and Ted Hussey

I met Cassie around 1998. We share an interest in writing among other things. I enjoy reading her blog as there are several components to it; there is the what's-going-on-today aspect and then her Scribblings, as she calls it, talking from the viewpoint of a writer looking at the world. Ted, Cassie's husband, has his own corner of the blog world with his insights.

Cassie's first husband died unexpectedly several years ago and the effect was devastating, of course, for Cassie and her young children. It was nothing short of miraculous and unexpected that Cassie met and married one Ted Hussey, as nice and kind a man as anyone could hope for a mourning friend to find. Ted had lost his wife to cancer and met Cassie on a widow-widowers support group on the internet. I've been very happy for Cassie and her kids that an awful situation was made all the more bearable by the arrival of Ted in their lives.

Do check out their blog in the link section.

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