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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Everyone is so pleased

Today I started a new job. It's a contractor position, and I can keep it as long as I want. I believe I will enjoy it since it offers flexible hours and other perks that will sustain my evening and weekend production, website and writing projects.

I started training for the new job today. My guide told me he was pleased with how quickly I was picking up on things. I told him how pleased I was that my lobbying for this job paid off. The IT guy who came in to show me around my computer was pleased that I knew how to turn the computer on.

So everyone was pleased.

A pleased state cannot be overestimated. It casts a wonderful, pastel hue over everything.

My ride home took longer than normal as a great many people decided to have a car accident off critical ramps and overpasses off I-95. I got home, quickly ate, and headed out to a brief production meeting.

I'm getting ready to head to Canada tomorrow afternoon for a website production meeting with my friend John Frid - a retired actor who on a dare from me bought a computer a few years ago. I volunteered to do (try to do) some fancy flash stuff on his site and this meeting is partly about that. I may have taken on too much here as Flash is fairly new to me.

We'll see if the "pleased" craze lasts.


~Jackie~ said...

I'm so pleased for you Nancy! Congrats on the new job and have fun with your friend, JF!! :)

Dawn said...

I'm happy for you! JF is a wonderful person. My mom was really pleased he signed that autograph for her that time. She kept it right up til she passed this December. I'm glad to hear he's still around and doing well. I checked his site.