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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Deep Fried Tarantulas

I am thinking of bringing this Asian delicacy to the States. Should I apply for a business license now or later? I read in the New York Daily News about a fashion trend featuring a spitting roach or somesuch that is worn on your lapel, the body fashioned with semi-precious jewels, and a little gold chain to keep the critter in place.

Yes, there are people dumb enough to wear this. Without dumb people in the world, there would not be a fashion industry.

But is it dumb to eat bugs?

In the more heavily populated and poorer areas of the world, I can understand eating anything you can get your hands on and won't kill you. There isn't much choice. But some critters such as the Tarantula are considered a delicacy when stir fried or batter dipped. Yeppers, it's considered a treat.

Not convinced?

Okay, you say. The woman was paid to eat the one for the camera.

But you are wrong. It was not a paid advertisement or portion control.

Regard -

Happy eating! Don't forget your fruit! And a toothpick for those pesky legs that get caught between the teeth!


Michelle said...

I guess you don't watch America's Next Top Model then ;) They did runway for some stupid designer who made all the contestants wear a spitting cockroach on a chain.

Yet another reason for me to keep watching reality TV!

Heather said...

But the big question is: do the tarantulas taste good dipped in chocolate..?