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Friday, April 21, 2006

You Can't Fix Stupid

You don't have to search far for proof.

I am a political agnostic. I vote. I always hope the person I am voting for really wants to make things better. I am rarely disappointed when my hope must give way to realization I elected yet another asshole. I don't believe in the system. It's the system we have. I work with it to the best of my ability. I change what I can by being involved in my world.

The only man in my lifetime who ran for the presidency, won and really wanted to make a difference was Jimmy Carter. President Carter did not survive because he didn't want to play dirty and you must play dirty to survive in political office as your opponents will do all that they can to drag your program down.

My adopted uncle, Eugene Lamont, was the lieutenant governor of Delaware and the mayor of Wilmington. He was a DuPont and a Democrat. Uncle Gene was well known in the national political circles. President Kennedy signed a copy of Profiles of Courage for Uncle Gene during one of their many meetings.

I talked to Uncle Gene while I was in my 20s as I was thinking of a political career. He thought me capable of it but told me his reasons for not wanting to play the political game anymore, retiring to run an insurance company. All he wanted was to be a public servant. He found himself spending more time fighting the schemers and opportunists who used their office for everything but public service.

For the most part, it's all about pride and ego. Under our current mis-administration, the US will admit no wrong. The lives of the men and women in our armed forces and those citizens in Iraq have died for a war waged only because the US Government had no clue were to find Bin Laden. They had to fight somebody to give the appearance of trying to hunt down those masterminds of the September 11th attacks.

The so-called masterminds of the Iraqi invasion and subsequent occupation acted out of pride and ego. They wished to remain obtuse. This makes them stupid. Stupid people deliberately arrange the facts around them as they wish to view them. I know that several of those who have resigned from government positions did so because they became so dillusioned of our mis-administration. They feel tricked.

Ignorant people simply do not have the knowledge to understand something. Dumb people can't understand no matter how well something is explained to them.

Stupid is evil.

I predict that Mr. Rumsfeld will resign as Secretary of State but not necessarily be out of the Bush administration altogether. His resignation will be attributed to his not wanting to distract the president further with the criticism or attributed to Rumsfeld being more effective in another position in the administration hence resigning his current post.

It will be some bullshit and Rumsfeld being gone from a high profile position will change nothing. He is the face of stupidity. He voices the nonsense the proponents of the Iraqi occupation put forth.

For the US to withdrawal now, the supposed mission incomplete, will admit defeat and that those in the armed forces who died did so in a pointless war. The political scandal that would ensue could be catastrophic for the party.

That's why they won't do the right thing: it would mean losing face.

And we all know how important keeping face is.

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