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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Springing ahead with spring cleaning

I don't feel terrific today but after a good sleep and breakfast, I feel ambitious enough to try and do things around the apartment. This is a good size apartment, so there is much to do.

Starting introductions to four major obstacles in my household - to the left this is Molly Wee, usually called Wee Cat. She is 16 years old and a lively little thing.

She makes it her mission to be where it is most inconvenient for me at any given moment. Fortunately, vacuum cleaners scare her and she runs off when that machine gets turned on.

Wee Cat's buddy, alternatively known as "My Shadow" and "The Devil's Spawn" was christened Gizmo almost three years ago. Gizmo is on the tempermental side but ironically very affectionate. She also has that cat chip planted in her brain that compels her to be everywhere she need not be. I have been known to physically remove her from an intended area in order to take care of business.

What evil lurks in the heart of cats.

I will tell you that I am not a believer in allowing the animals to rule the roost. My cats come when I call them (99% of the time) and they know the rules. Of course, they disobey them as soon as my back is turned, however.

While I don't consider pets as my children as some pet owners are wont to do, I love them and do all that I can to spoil them. They provide enormous pleasure with their antics, leaping about and wrestling each other.

Tomorrow, I will present two remaining obstacles to cleaning the apartment. It is lovely outside today, the windows are up, the cats are outside and I have fried chicken and home made macroni to look forward to for dinner.

The status on the Loved One (LO) is that we believe he is still in the facility he was originally taken to earlier this week. He will be taken to a longer term facility to either live, receive further treatment of both. I don't think he is speaking to any of us (well, I'm not speaking to him anyway) especially the Family Member with whom he resided prior to all this happening. She has refused for the second time to allow him to return her residence.

This Family Member has a special bond with LO and it is really something of a statement that she continues to be distant and so angry with him over a week after the fact. This has not happened before but I think she has finally had it. I know it will take work on LO's part to make me want to speak to him again.

There are some lines you cannot cross without damage being done.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful cats. Gizmo looks like a Gizmo. Hang in there - love, Dino

Cassie said...

I think that your furry friends need to go to the next Carnival of the Cats ! Glad to hear that LO is in a safe place...can certainly understand your feelings and those of the Family Member. Praying for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Pretty kitties. Do you still bowl ?

Give FM my love... unable to reach FM by phone this weekend. And LO is where he needs to be. It's up to him to either strap 'em back on and grow, or fail. I love him too, but that's the facts. QED