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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


We had quite a few thunderstorms and periods of rain this evening accompanied by high winds. As I am safely home I am free to enjoy the bad weather. The cats promptly scattered upon hearing the threatening rumbles of thunder. Loud noises do affect them badly.

The Loved One (LO) made contact this evening. He was discharged from the facility and is living at a YMCA. No apologies about anything. He told me that he has this "wonderful" new medication he is taking that prevents negative thoughts from permeating his brain. Swell for him, I suppose. The conversation was somewhat strained but I was relieved to know where he was and to hear that he was still pursuing some promising leads for work. He also contacted his mother and though that conversation was also strained, there was relief in knowing where he was. It is important to make it clear that we still love him and in my world, you can love someone and still want to bitch slap him until his head spins like Linda Blair's character in The Exorcist.

I'm pleased with myself in that this whole ugly situation has not preoccupied me as it might have in other periods of my life.

Besides that, I have spring cleaning to do. I equate this purging of unwanted, old and useless stuff with freeing up the mind and body from accumulating crap that is best done away with.

The cat obstacles were less prevalent this evening because of the thunderstorm. Hiding under the bed was the method of choice for avoiding them. However, since I posted pictures of two cats who live in the household, I must provide equal time for the other two.

Ariel is three years old and Gizmo's sister. The next photo is of Ariel and her boyfriend, Clancy, who was a stray and adopted by us. Clancy is about two months older than Ariel and Gizmo.

Ariel and Clancy

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Cheryl said...

Hi Nancy

Your cats are beautiful!!! Christina says Clancy reminds her of you! LOL I can see it...maybe the red hair?