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Monday, May 08, 2006


Big weekend in terms of personal and professional productivity. I thought a great deal about my desire to pursue a Masters in Theater and came to the conclusion that other than obtaining the degree I would need to teach college if I chose that route, there isn't really anything pursuing that goal would do for me. I'm sure I could learn much from it in terms of academics but professionally, it can't do anything for me other than allow me to teach college age students. That unto itself isn't necessarily a goal. Teaching drama and writing to students who had never thought about the discplines before and get them excited is more satisfying.

My love of technology is far stronger. I want to learn more about audio visual equipment and computers. That is more the likely route I will go should I make the decision to go back to school. Yes, there is a ton of money to be made in those fields which certainly is not a drawback.

Ever since I made peace with myself about my need for variety on a professional level my creativity has literally exploded. I have more ideas than I can make detailed notes on which is a good thing. I am now able to put those ideas aside, once secured on paper or audio cassette, and work on them later.

I recently started a regime of taking choline and inositol caplets twice a day. These elements are known to assist the process of neurotransmitters in the brain. When these babies are not shooting in the right direction at the right speed it causes depression and other unpleasant brain chemical issues. This plus the reduction of sugar and salt has assisted a great deal.

Meanwhile, John's website project moves along quite nicely. Sherlock is a brilliant artist. I'm glad that John is so into this. It's good for those in their senior years to have projects that require thought and activity - good to keep that brain working. I'm heading up to Canada for three days later this week so I can better prepare my impending contribution to John's website.

I have Elizabeth's website to work on as well for her production company. I've got that sketched out at least.

Oh, I had an exciting wildlife encounter on Saturday. I left the apartment earlier to go in to work for a few hours and heard a weird noise as I was locking the door. I looked up and saw what appeared to be a baby squirrel in considerable distress, even more so when I started to move back to get a better look. It scurred around on the stucco wall clearly in a panic. I decided to leave it be, figuring it would just take off back out the hallway and outside in due course.


Baby Squirrel was still there when I returned three and a half hours later. It was too scared to move from its perch. I got two industrial strength gloves that I keep in the closet, a chair and proceeded to get on the chair and reach for the squirrel.

The squirrel was not receptive to my grabbing it however gently but I managed to grab it enough to move it from the wall. It squirmed out of my hands, jumped to the floor and then hopped up the three steps of the stairwell and back out ito the parking lot. I have not seen or heard it since.

Only in Kerseyland, kiddies. Only in Kerseyland.

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